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AU REVOIR by Sequentia Legenda exclusive version

by Sequentia Legenda



AU REVOIR exclusive solo release by Sequentia Legenda, with an autographed CD Booklet in PDF Format.

AU REVOIR - Exclusive Version

AU REVOIR is an introspection.
This piece is a part of me, they are the emotions I deliver. The musical scenery of this song is mystical (the unknown, the mystery…) and peaceful (the serenity, the celestial). The fundamentals come from FLY OVER ME and more precisely from the part “AU REVOIR”. It is an open door to meditation.

AU REVOIR is a journey towards the beyond.
It is a musical loop. A beginning, with a saturation effect (just like a birth…) an environment with its rhythms (like pulsations) and its celestial voices, and finally, an end with this same saturation (the start towards the beyond…). If we listen to this song over and over then we can feel that it is a song “without an end”. Just like a sinusoidal wave repeating itself endlessly, like the sunset and the sunrise, like the cycle of life.

AU REVOIR is a musical vision.
It is a musical choice: the one to not insert too many melodic lines and solos. I sometimes think that solos can be a little bit aggressive and/or a bit too much predominant, not giving enough space for the musical background. Solos sometimes tend to hide melodious subtleties, and to crush a fragile and delicate atmosphere.
On the contrary, as it happens, my wish is to let the audience imagine their own solos, and above all propose the possibility to find the subtleties that are hidden in the musical framework. It is an opening towards imagination. Each listening, the discoveries multiply, encouraging to revisit my piece. That’s an auditory freedom. The song lives.

AU REVOIR is a musical communion.
Without entering a great debate to know whether this song is more “Schulzien” or “Froesien”, it was more important for me to say that AU REVOIR is a music, my music, my heart’s music in respects to a musical movement: the Berlin School Music. AU REVOIR is intended to be a musical communion, a union - a unison.

AU REVOIR is a musical colour.
The purple and the blue unite themselves to the rhythm of the music in a ballet of colours.
The purple is the colour of the softness and the dream, of the peace and the meditation. The blue as for it is connected to wisdom and serenity. The blue is the echo of the life, of the journey, the colour of time. AU REVOIR is a musical colour, a journey towards the endless, a rendezvous towards the eternal.

AU REVOIR is a musical thought.
Through this song, I also express a thought to all people who were close to me and who left my side. AU REVOIR is a musical thought, in tribute to Edgar Froese.

♫ Musically, Sequentia Legenda

©℗ Sequentia Legenda (Laurent Schieber)


released June 27, 2015


all rights reserved



sequentia legenda France

Sequentia Legenda shares its own vision of the Berlin School with passion, sensitivity and sincerity. The sound worlds are an invitation to dream, an immersion, an introspection, a waking look beyond the horizon. It is a return to the sources, a vibratory energy for the listeners who wish to give themselves the time and freedom to enter into resonance. ... more

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